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Christoph Hintermüller
Stagehypnotist Christo

Christo is one of the most successful and well-known state hypnotists in Germany. The professional nature of his performances inspires people at corporate events and on public show tours.

In a charming way, Christo makes his audience the stars of the show. With more than 1575 hypnosis shows in 11 years, he is among the most in-demand hypnotists in Europe. His tours have taken him to various companies and universities in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, England, and Spain.

In addition to his European tours, he has made numerous guest appearances with his award-winning show in Tunisia, Australia, and the United States of American (USA).

Christo has held a board position in the association “UnterbewusstSein wirkt e.V.” and is a member of International Association for Youth Hypnotists (IAYH). He is also working for the German company "Deutsche Verband für Hypnose e.V” (German Association for Hypnosis), were he is training other hypnotists.

Christo is an NLP practitioner and systemic coach where he practices clinical hypnosis. His focus is on stress reduction and improvement of performance anxiety among students. This interdisciplinary approach is extraordinary and his success in both areas is spectacular.